Nothing is more frustrating than a sports injury, but complaints during work or during your daily activities can also have a considerable impact. Our sports doctors are specialized in complaints of the muscles, tendons and joints. Not only for sports injuries, but also for complaints with a different cause.

Our approach

Your sports doctor will look for the cause of your complaints, make a diagnosis and draw up a tailor-made treatment plan. The sports doctor does not only look at your complaint, but at your body as a whole. Is the diagnosis unclear? Then additional research is carried out.

After a few weeks, the result of the treatment is evaluated. If necessary, the treatment plan will be adjusted or a referral will be made to a medical specialist.

Where is your injury?

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My injury is elsewhere

Do you have an injury elsewhere, for example in your muscles or tendons, wrists, elbows or neck, or do you have several complaints that may be related?

Our specialists know what is going on and what you can do about it. They do not only focus on your complaint, but look at your body as a whole. They look for the underlying cause and know how one complaint can influence the other.

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