There is nothing more frustrating than getting a sports injury and having to wait for an appointment. Or being sent from pillar to post without a clear diagnosis or plan of action. Jessica Gal and her team of sports physicians specialize in diagnosing the cause of your injury and setting up the right treatment. Personal and fast. Tailored to your goals and possibilities. That makes us ‘Great in personal results‘.

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Jessica Gal Sportartsen is a sports medical advice center (SMA) located in Amsterdam, Haarlem and Zaandam. Jessica Gal Sportartsen employs professional sports doctors who you can turn to for injury consultations, other sports-related complaints, and mandatory or preventive sports examinations. You have also come to the right place with questions in the field of sports, health and exercise.

Through intensive cooperation with the other specialists within our centers, we can offer a total package of professional sports medical guidance. In addition, we have quick referral options to an extensive network of medical specialists, and direct access to additional diagnostic tests.

A referral from the general practitioner or medical specialist is required for injury consultations and sports medical consultations in the event of complaints during exercise. You can contact us without a referral for a sports examination or preventive sports medical examination. Click here for an overview of the reimbursements per health insurer from the supplementary insurance.

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If you are injured today, you want to work on your recovery today.
That is why you can normally visit our sports doctors for an injury consultation or sports medical examination within 5 working days. For specific problems or specific doctors, the waiting time can be longer, but in most cases it is only a few working days.

Jessica Gal Sportartsen is SCAS certified and affiliated with the federation of sports medical institutions (FSMI), and is recognized by all health insurers.