A healthy body and a healthy mind are essential for optimal employability of employees. Absenteeism due to work-related stress and health problems is high and growing fast. Almost three quarters of the health costs are spent on chronic diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, COPD, osteoarthritis, various types of cancer). Diseases that can often be prevented through a healthy lifestyle and a healthy working environment.

Why a sports medical examination for companies??

Many employees are not aware of their health. Due to the pressures of work, family, and social obligations, a healthy lifestyle takes last place. There is a lack of decisiveness to take the right path of one’s own accord.

Behavioral change starts with awareness. The sports medical examination for employees can play an important role here. Important risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity are mapped out. Attention is paid to the influence of exercise, a healthy diet, relaxation and recovery on health and fitness, and employees are encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Importance for the employer

Preventing absenteeism has become increasingly important due to the increase in the retirement age and strict regulations in the event of absenteeism and illness. Attention to sustainable employability of employees and participation in vitality programs can prevent absenteeism and save a lot of money.

Our vision

Forcing employees to participate in vitality programs makes no sense. Motivation is much higher with voluntary participation. An independent and professional healthcare provider is essential in this respect.

Our company sports medical examinations are always carried out by a sports doctor. We work according to the latest medical guidelines. The sports medical examination falls under medical confidentiality. The medical information of employees is private and the employer does not receive substantive feedback about individual processes.

The trajectory

The sports medical examination for employees focuses on the prevention of chronic disorders and complaints of the posture and musculoskeletal system (muscles, tendons, joints). Attention is also paid to vitality, physical resilience, nutrition and psychosocial factors. Targeted advice is given on the basis of the results of the sports medical examination.

Content of the company sports medical examination:

  • Extensive questionnaire
  • Intake interview with the sports doctor
  • height, weight, BMI and waist circumference
  • blood pressure measurement
  • Physical examination focused on heart and lungs
  • Orthopedic examination of physical load capacity
  • Blood test
  • Heart tracing (ECG) at rest
  • Lung function examination
  • Maximum exercise test with ECG and breathing gas analysis
  • Evaluation with the sports doctor
  • Extensive reporting with advice regarding a follow-up process

The content of the research can be adjusted in consultation.

Follow-up process

Based on the individual points for attention, a three-month follow-up process can be drawn up in which the employee is guided in achieving his or her goals (for example, losing weight, getting fit, dealing with stress, reducing physical complaints). Various modules have been developed for this purpose:

  • Module power supply
  • Physical load capacity module
  • Mental skills module
  • Stress management module.
  • Injury rehabilitation module

During this process there are two evaluation moments with the sports doctor. Progress is evaluated in an interim evaluation and any bottlenecks are identified. During the final evaluation, it is examined whether the goals have been achieved and advice is given to continue the new lifestyle on your own. If necessary, a follow-up process can be set up or referral can be made.


  • The research takes place at Sports Medical Advice Center Jessica Gal Sportartsen
  • Depending on the content, the research takes 60 to 120 minutes.
  • The costs depend on the composition of the package.
  • The sports medical examination is covered by the supplementary insurance. If an employee has supplementary insurance, the costs are (partly) reimbursed by the health insurer.

Sports medical research at sporting events

Do employees of your company take part in a company run or other sporting event? A preventive sports medical examination ensures that this is done in a healthy and responsible manner.

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