Philosophy Jessica Gal Sportsdoctors

After her top sports career and her specialization as a sports doctor, Jessica Gal worked for a number of years at various sports medical institutions. She regularly had the feeling “that could be better”.

In 2009 she was given the opportunity to set up her own sports medical advice centre. With the same drive as during her top sports career, she has been working ever since to realize her new goal: to provide top athletes, recreational athletes and people with a chronic illness with the best possible sports medical care and help them to perform optimally and to enjoy sports and exercise.

Core values

The core values ​​of Jessica Gal Sportsdoctos are short but powerful: Personal, Together, Measurable.

Scientific research is important and Jessica Gal Sportartsen therefore closely follows recent developments. But, patients are not statistics. What works well for one may not work for another. We look at you as a person, your goals and your possibilities and based on that we make a tailor-made treatment plan.

Gone are the days when the doctor decided what had to be done and the patient said ‘yes, doctor’. Recovering from an injury or improving your condition requires your own commitment. Your input and motivation are important, both when choosing treatment and when working on recovery. Our doctors make the diagnosis and explain the treatment options. Together you decide which approach suits you best.

Measuring is knowing. We want to know if our approach works. Data is needed to assess whether a treatment has had an effect. By means of questionnaires, strength measurements, and other targeted testing methods, we follow your development and you gain direct insight into the improvement you are experiencing.