To participate in various sports, it is mandatory to undergo a sports examination. The SMA performs these inspections in accordance with the inspection requirements drawn up by the relevant association. Jessica Gal Sportartsen also conducts examinations for professional training in sports (Safety and Craftsmanship (VeVa), CIOS, Academy of Physical Education, ROC sports and exercise training, and various dance courses).

Click on the relevant sports association for more information about the content of the inspection and to download application forms or contact us via email [email protected] or by telephone 088-2290999.


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Is the inspection you are looking for not listed? Then this falls under the compulsory sports medical examination + ECG.



Motorsport can fall under the care of 2 organizations in the Netherlands: KNMV and MON.

Applying for a license from the KNMV or MON is linked to a mandatory sports examination. Examination forms are available for these examinations, which must be completed after the examination and sent to the medical committee of the KNMV or MON.

Request the KNMV inspection form at:
Download the MON form at:



The Knac National Autosport Federation (KNAF) is the only umbrella karting and autosport association in the Netherlands that is recognized by NOC*NSF, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the world umbrella association for kart sport (CIK) and for motor sport (FIA).

As of January 1, 2023, the ECG structure will change for an international license.
When testing for an international license, an ECG must be made every 3 years under the age of 60, this ECG may be at rest. At age 60 or above, a resting EKG is required every year and an exercise EKG is required every 2 years.

View the entry form (Dutch): AANVRAAGFORMULIER LICENTIES 1998


Jessica Gal Sportsdoctors can assess individual health and suitability for football on the basis of a sports medical examination. Advice is also given on which measures can be taken to prevent new injuries in the event of existing complaints of muscles, tendons and joints.




To apply for a KNWU cycling license, a preventive sports medical examination with ECG registration is mandatory. You can download the test form for this here: KNWU Vragenlijst.

You can choose from 2 different options:

  • Medical fitness examination (basic sports medical examination with ECG)
    This examination assesses whether you are medically fit to practice cycling and to compete. The aim is to prevent (long-term or permanent) damage to health and thus increase safety for yourself and fellow riders. The examination consists of completing a medical questionnaire, discussing this form with a doctor and a general physical examination with determination of vision and ECG. There is no assessment of the current condition.
  • Extensive sports-medical cycling examination (major sports-medical examination)
    In addition to the components of the medical fitness examination, additional examinations are carried out into lung function and an exercise test with ECG recording of the heart action is performed. This allows the behavior of the heart to be assessed during intensive (maximal) exercise. In addition, this provides a reliable determination of the maximum heart rate and of the power delivered on the bike, which can be used for the determination of training zones. Optionally, breathing gas analysis can be added to this for an exact determination of the maximum oxygen uptake capacity (VO2max) and tipping point.

After approval you will receive a medical fitness certificate. The suitability statement will also be forwarded to the KNWU..

NOB/PADI (recreational diving)


For PADI and NOB a diving certification is mandatory. This examination can be performed by sports doctors. A certificate of approval from a sports doctor is valid anywhere in the world. Sports doctors work on an SMI.

Content: questionnaire about the (medical) condition of the diver, measurement of height, weight, fat percentage, blood pressure, a physical examination with special attention to the throat, nose and ear area and the mobility of the eardrums during equalization, a short neurological examination, assessment of exercise capacity, urinalysis, and lung function test.

Afterwards, an evaluation will take place and the statement of approval will be handed over. Fill in the self-declaration before the appointment (Dutch): Eigen verklaring | Sportduikkeuring

Find more information at

CIOS/ROC/ALO/School of dance


A sports examination is required for admission to the course, which checks whether the sporting efforts during the course can be met without any problems. Congenital and acquired abnormalities can play a role in that context.

A basic sports medical examination with ECG is therefore appropriate, whereby a basic ECG can also serve as a starting point for assessing the development of a sports heart at a later age.

If recreational diving is also done as part of the training, a lung function test must also be carried out during the examination. Mention this with the application!

Veiligheid en Vakmanschap (VEVA)

Sportmedical advice VEVA

To be admitted to VeVa it is mandatory to obtain medical advice from a Sports Medical Center. We check whether you are physically fit enough to follow the course.

Check out the Ministry of Defense website for more information:



Competitive boxers must undergo a compulsory examination before they can participate in a competition.

As a boxer, you must bring your starting booklet to the inspection.  Nederlandse Boksbond – Formulier (Dutch)



Anyone with normal physical and mental health can go skydiving.
A medical certificate is required for participation in an SL course or AFF course.

View the mandatory inspection requirements here: Keuringseisen Parachutespringen (Dutch)

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